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The SU Group of Companies

If you are an agent, broker, consultant or intermediary who has a working knowledge of the concepts and principles of equipment management, and are looking for a company that can provide the resources, experience and financial stability your clients demand, contact us. We have a track record that demonstrates we can deliver the total solution no matter how complex the maintenance environment.

Specialty Underwriters LLC

Specialty Underwriters LLC was established as a Wisconsin Corporation in July, 1982. Since then, Specialty Underwriters has provided equipment maintenance management services to corporations, governmental bodies, educational institutions, medical facilities, high technology industries and other organizations worldwide.

Specialty Underwriters has built and maintained a reputation of outstanding services, sustained cost savings, professionalism and integrity.  Long-term business relationships are at the core value of how Specialty Underwriters has performed business for over 30 years and our mission is to continue based on that foundation.

Mediserve, Inc.

Mediserve, Inc. is the recognized leader in the field of equipment maintenance management programs to the Healthcare industry.

Founded in 1982, the people of Mediserve pioneered the maintenance management concepts as a cost saving creative and flexible alternative to full cost service contracts. Built upon a foundation of engineering knowledge, financial stability and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mediserve has grown into the premier provider of custom programs for healthcare providers.  Mediserve has delivered successful programs for clinics, small rural and regional community hospitals, large urban facilities and multi-hospital IDNs throughout the United States.

Mediserve offers the most comprehensive array of equipment maintenance programs in the industry.  From our standard Technical Equipment Coverage (TEC) offering, through our premier Managed Technical Equipment Coverage (M-TEC) program, featuring on-site administrative and technical support, there is a creative Mediserve solution to assist your organization in managing equipment maintenance more efficiently while reducing maintenance expense.

SU Canada, Ltd.

SU Canada, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SU Group LLC, administers and provides equipment maintenance coverage, including maintenance contracts and maintenance outsourcing to companies, governmental bodies, hospitals, health care organizations, educational and other institutions in the country of Canada.

SU Insurance Company

One of the companies that SU Group utilizes for insurance-backed Programs is SU Insurance Company.

This company was issued a secure rating by the A.M. Best Company, click for additional details In 2005, SU Group LLC formed SU Insurance Company, domiciled in the state of Wisconsin, to directly insure policies written through its affiliates within SU Group.  SU Insurance Company is currently licensed in 23 states and projecting to add four more states in 2013.  In less than five years, SU Insurance Company received a rating of A- (Excellent) by A. M. Best Company in 2009 based on their financial strength, actuarial data and expertise within the market place.  By the formation of SU Insurance Company, SU Group has been able to reduce the insurance related expense of doing business, allowing additional savings to be passed on to their Customers.