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Markets Served


While the Pharmaceutical industry adjusts to persistent regulatory changes, expiring patents, generic drugs and demanding stakeholders, the SU Group Pharmaceutical Program offers welcome relief to the bottom line.

SU Pharmaceutical Program

“After a very bad experience with an equipment management vendor, we are pleasantly surprised by the quality of services offered by SU Group.” Director of Clinical & Support Services, Regional Healthcare System

The Technical Equipment Coverage (TEC) Program provides companies with a proven process to effectively manage, reduce and control their maintenance costs. This unique program provides substantial hard and soft dollar savings on the maintenance and repair of a wide range of equipment, and enables organizations to consolidate multiple contracts into one program package under the SU Group Program.

As the industry leader in capital equipment maintenance solutions, SU Group provides cost effective, outsourced maintenance programs for our customer partners in a wide range of market segments. Our strong technical expertise and proprietary database enable us to recommend, implement and manage comprehensive equipment repair and maintenance programs that provide significant savings, increased efficiencies and improved management control over the short and long term.

It further enables organizations to add and delete equipment easily, track repair requests, monitor equipment performance and gain consistency of process and budget control of expenses. For virtually all Pharmaceutical companies, this means increased operational efficiencies, a stronger management information system to base decisions on and surplus dollars to direct toward other critical business operations.

Eligible Equipment

The following list of equipment is only representative; your Program may cover additional equipment.

  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Emergency Systems (911)
  • Overhead Paging Systems/Intercom Systems
  • Radio Equipment
  • Switchboards
  • Telephone & Voice Mail Systems
  • Video Conference Equipment
Information Technology
  • Bridges
  • Controllers
  • Hubs
  • Multiplexors
  • PCs And Peripherals
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Scanners
  • Servers
  • Tape Drives
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Electronic Signs
  • Microfilm Processors And Viewers
  • Industrial Scales
  • Transcribers
  • Video Equipment
  • Voting Machines
  • Water Meter Readers
  • CT Scanners
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagers (MRI)
  • Ultrasounds
Postage and Mailing
  • Inserters
  • Labelers
  • Machines (Not System)
  • Openers
  • Scales
  • Stackers
Office Automation
  • Binders
  • Bursters
  • CAD/CAM Systems
  • Calculators
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Registers
  • Check Signers
  • Coin Sorters
  • Coin Sorters/Packagers
  • Computer Systems
  • Copiers
  • Currency Counters
  • Dictation Equipment
  • Electric Rotary Files
  • Electrical & Electronic Print Equipment
  • Electronic Typewriters
  • Embossers
  • Facsimile Machines
  • Folders
  • ID Card Systems
  • Laminators
  • Microfilm Reader/Printers
  • Microfilmers
  • Retail Scanners
  • Shredders
  • Time Clocks
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply/Transient
  • Voltage Protection Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Card Access Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Electronic Gates/Doors
  • Electronic Library Security Systems
  • Metal Detectors
  • Outdoor Emergency Sirens
  • Police Alarms
  • Premise Alarms
  • Vaults And Safes
Cardiology/Stress Test/ICU, CCU, EKG
  • Ambulance Medical Equipment
  • Arrhythmia Computers
  • Cardiac Output Computers
  • Healthcare/Cardiac Cath Systems
  • Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Patient Data Management
  • Stress Test Systems
  • Telemetry Systems
Function Labs/Respiratory Therapy
  • Blood Gas Analyzers
  • Co-Oximeters
  • Sleep Labs
  • Tomometers
  • Plethysmographs
  • Pulmonary Function Systems
Clinical / R&D Lab
  • Blood Gas
  • Cell Washers
Nuclear Medicine
  • Dose Calibrators
  • Gamma Cameras
  • Gamma Counters
  • Lasers
  • Microscopes
  • Phaco Emulsifiers
  • Physiological Monitoring Systems
  • Blood Culture Units
  • Blood Gas Analyzers
  • Breathalyzers
  • Cell Savers
  • Cell Washers
  • Centrifuges
  • Chemistry Analyzers
  • Chromatography Equipment
  • Co-Oximeters
  • Coagulation Analyzers
  • Computers
  • Densitometers
  • DNA Analyzers
  • DNA Synthesizers
  • Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Electrophoresis Equipment
  • Gamma Counters
  • Hematology Analyzers
  • Immunoassay Analyzers
  • Microbiology Analyzers
  • Microscopes
  • Microtomes/Cryostats
  • RIA Systems
  • Scales/Balances
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Tissue Analyzers