Regional Community Medical Center

Total Beds:

189 Acute Care Facility


Not-for-Profit; Community-Owned


Community healthcare provider serving 60,000 residents within 12 counties


VHA affiliate

Financial Profile

Annual Eligible Equidivment Maintenance Sdivend:



Current Hard-Dollar Cost Savings:

$681,780 (32.7%)


Savings over the term of the agreement:



divrojected Annual Invoices to be divrocessed by SU Mediserve:



The Problem

SU Group Mediserve demonstrated through a financial audit, that most pieces of equipment had individual service contracts with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These service contracts charged a percent of the cost of capital to provide service coverage with varying exclusions and limitations. The client paid whether the equipment needed service or not.

The Solution

“Our facility has worked with Mediserve for several years. They are a critical component in our house-wide service/maintenance agreement reviews and have helped us reduce our service/maintenance contract expense in many areas. They are dedicated to helping find ways to increase our bottom line without jeopardizing quality. Their staff, from biomed techs to account managers, is highly trained and very efficient.” Hospital Executive Director of Operations

SU Group Mediserve demonstrated through a due diligence phase that ninety-five percent (95%) of service contracts could be impacted by the SU Group Mediserve Program and were allowed to expire or were terminated. For the remaining contracts, it was better to keep existing service agreements due to being high-risk equipment or needed upgrades.

Over the course of several months, SU Group Mediserve met with key department managers to share procedures and gain their support of the program. The SU Group Mediserve program was implemented and vendor support and response levels have either remained virtually the same, or have improved due to the competition for time and materials revenue in the marketplace.

The client has been greatly assisted through a consultative partnership with SU Group Mediserve. The Program is not a single answer to an inherent problem, but rather a series of solutions to multiple problems involving costs, inadequate coverage or inefficient and costly delivery systems found in virtually every healthcare facility.

SU Group LLC

Since 1982, SU Group LLC (SU) has helped institutions reduce their equipment maintenance spend all while improving operational efficiencies, equipment performance and uptime.

The SU Group of Companies

Formed in 1982, the affiliated entities of the SU Group of Companies has steadily grown and now consists of Specialty Underwriters LLC, Mediserve, Inc., SU Canada, Ltd. and SU Insurance Company.

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