Overcoming the “Middle Man” Mentality

Specialty Underwriters provides a single source for comprehensive lab equipment support and service.  A common misconception of our program is that as a customer of SU, you are no longer able to contact the service provider directly.  As needed, SU customers can maintain direct contact with their preferred service providers as they would if they were under contract directly with the manufacturer.  Learn more about the process here: Teleserve Procedures .pdf 

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  Response Times:  Moving to the bottom of “The List”

Many times, when a lab elects to transfer their equipment maintenance to Specialty Underwriters, there can be a concern regarding response times under the program and priority of their service requests. 

It is expected that the vendor will continue to provide a high level of service and maintain the equipment at industry standards and manufacturer specs for all customers.  Our experience is that any delays in service are created by the service provider and are simply an attempt to force a Maintenance Contract.  SU’s equipment maintenance program is not an attack on any vendor, but simply holding them accountable and responsible to what is expected by the end user. 

SU’s equipment program is a management and cost reduction program with the intent of using the current vendor.  Furthermore, many of our customers indicate that the response time received is the same as what they previously had or have been accustomed to.  SU does have options to request an increased response time for a critical repair and will pay additional costs related to a “premium” response when available.

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  It’s Just Insurance

Many times, an equipment maintenance program is misconstrued as “just insurance” where it is assumed that they only focus is on servicing the instruments for as cheap as possible.  There is generally concern that coverage is less than what the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) offers and that if a repair is too expensive, it will not be paid, and coverage will be dropped on that instrument. 

SU’s equipment maintenance program offers discounts while providing the high-level of service required to operate effectively and efficiently.  SU’s proposals are based on costs and coverages as defined the current agreements.  Additionally, this program allows for the end user to select their service provider and even specify a preferred technician.  In many cases, our clients will continue to use the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for service and the only reason a client may elect to use an alternative vendor over the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is if they felt an Independent Service Organization (ISO) better met their needs.

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 Flexibility at Your Fingertips

One of the many benefits of using SU’s comprehensive equipment maintenance management program, is the flexibility. 

As a neutral supplier, you can utilize any qualified vendor of your choice to service your covered equipment.  Furthermore, since your agreement is with SU, you can easily change service vendors under the program by communicating the new vendor’s contact information to Specialty Underwriters along with the equipment to be serviced.  SU can also identify and qualify alternative vendors covering all equipment types and manufacturers to perform corrective service and maintenance for the customers as requested.

Additionally, we offer another level of flexibility when it come so monitoring your inventory.  You are free to add and/or remove equipment from the program at any time, for any reason allowing for maximum flexibility.  Any equipment added or removed from the program will result in pro-rated charges/credits.

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