“The online equipment reports provided by SU Group have enabled management to pinpoint areas of equipment failures so we can make informed decisions relating to new equipment purchases”. Chief Financial Officer, Regional Bank

Program Overview

As the industry leader in equipment maintenance solutions, SU Group provides cost effective, outsourced maintenance programs for our customer partners in a wide range of market segments. Our strong technical expertise and proprietary database enable us to recommend, implement and manage comprehensive equipment repair and maintenance programs that provide significant savings, increased efficiencies and improved management control over the short and long term.

The custom tailored program offered by SU Group provides a proven process to effectively manage, reduce and control their maintenance costs. This unique program provides substantial hard and soft dollar savings on the maintenance and repair of a wide range of equipment, and enables organizations to consolidate multiple contracts into one program package under the SU agreement. It further enables organizations to add and delete equipment easily, track repair request, monitor equipment performance, and gain consistency of process and budget control of expenses. For virtually all organizations large or small, this will mean increased operational efficiencies, a stronger management information system for decision making and surplus dollars to direct toward other critical business operations.

As a result of our evaluation of the overall equipment maintenance expenditures, SU Group will make recommendations in the form of a detailed analysis and cost reduction initiative. This initiative will identify which are the most cost effective solutions for you to implement and suggested timelines.

SU Group programs typically deliver a cost savings of up to 35% from traditional service contracts across a wide range of equipment. Our solutions are geared toward institutions that are facing cost cutting initiatives and budgetary control measures. These organizations are continually faced with the challenge of “doing more, with less.”

SU Group
“We have saved money by using SU Group without giving up the same quality of maintenance service by using the manufacturer’s service contract.” Senior Fiscal Coordinator, County Utilities

Program Objectives

SU Group has continually refined and improved our programs, services and approach to this specialized market. We believe that because something worked in the past, doesn’t mean it will necessary solve tomorrow’s challenges. Our clients continue to assist in the evolution of our services as we mutually develop new ways and implement best practices to capture and report meaningful data to help drive down costs.

The following objectives are part of SU’s planned approach:

  • Generate and Sustain maximum cost reduction through “Flex Savings”
  • Control equipment maintenance costs through consolidation of contracts
  • Manage Existing Vendors and Establish alternative solutions
  • Maintain, Improve and Monitor repair service levels
  • Implement a convenient process for implementation and accelerated growth
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase productivity through management of the entire service delivery process
  • Create a centralized viewable database for all covered equipment
  • Provide real-time online reports (i.e. equipment inventory, repair history, dispatch activity…)
  • Deliver Customer Support through SU’s exclusive“3G Circle of Support”

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Since 1982, SU Group LLC (SU) has helped institutions reduce their equipment maintenance spend all while improving operational efficiencies, equipment performance and uptime.

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Formed in 1982, the affiliated entities of the SU Group of Companies has steadily grown and now consists of Specialty Underwriters LLC, Mediserve, Inc., SU Canada, Ltd. and SU Insurance Company.

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