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“Our facility has worked with SU Group for several years. They are dedicated to helping find ways to increase our bottom line without jeopardizing quality.” Hospital Executive Director of Operations, Regional Medical Center

As a maintenance management and administration company specializing in cost reduction initiatives, SU Group utilizes a process-driven, consultative approach with clients.

This includes an in-depth analysis of your existing equipment maintenance expense using our proprietary SUMIT™ database, which is comprised of over 30 years of historical data on a multitude of items. This is followed by the development of a comprehensive strategy specifically tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Using this approach, SU Group has proven its ability to generate tangible dollar savings, in both the public and private sectors from a wide range of equipment types. In addition to direct dollar savings, we have assisted clients in achieving other meaningful benefits such as increased awareness of service levels from vendors, lowering administration costs by reducing and improving the workload of employees. As experienced program managers, we assist you in controlling costs incurred on repair and maintenance of equipment by:

  • Implementing specific cost control measures
  • Providing a seamless transition to the processing of service events
  • Performing contract negotiations or conversions
  • Managing vendor activities
  • Administering and monitoring claims
  • Utilizing our national parts and vendor network

Since 1982, the SU Group of Companies have partnered with Educational Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, Governmental and Municipal Entities, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporations and others to help save millions of dollars by reducing the cost of maintaining their equipment.